DIY – Twig Bangles

I love these. They are super simple to make and take very little materials, nothing I had to go out and buy. They turned out better than I  had thought and I get more and more complements on these every time I  wear them! Here’s a quick DIY!


   – soft, pliable twigs approx. 12-14

      inches in length

   – silver beading wire (i used 24 gauge)

   – silver enamel spray paint (although you

      could use any color)

– assortment of neutral beads

– a place to spray paint (i used cardboard)


1 – Soak your twigs in water. I didn’t do this the first time I made these and they turned out alright, I just think it makes them more pliable and less likely to snap.

2 – Gently wrap the twig around your wrist, making sure it is small enough so it won’t slip off, but large enough to get it over your hand and fingers. Cut off the access twig on either side, leaving about an inch on either side that you can cut off later. If you want to put beads on your bracelets and leave them neutral, like the ones below, put those on now before closing the loop.

3 – Take about 6-8 inches of the beading wire and wrap it around were the ends of the twigs meet. Make sure it’s taught. If you feel you must (mine stayed in place fine) you can go over the twigs with a clear craft glue, but not too thickly.

Now, you have a neutral (possibly beaded) twig bangle! Congratulations!

4 – Take the bracelets to an open place, preferably not indoors, and lay them down flat on your spray painting surface and coat one side in spray paint. Wait for a few minutes then repeat on the other side, making sure to coat all the sides as well and let dry.

Tah dah! And hopefully yours turned out as well as mine! Sorry if they didn’t… I’m  sort of bad at giving directions! Let me know how they turned out and if you want more tutorials of this sort!

Happy Crafting! <3


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