plant your hope with good seeds

So I’ve wanted to start a blog for the longest time but I just never really had the time to. Now as I sit here, ignoring and babysitting a nine-year-old brat, I figure now is the time. For now, I think I’ll mostly be a fashion blog. Mostly. I would love to try to post something everyday but you know with my busy schedule of sleeping and eating and doing nothing.

Anyway, I’m Hannah, an over-exhausted, fifteen-year-old girl with an odd sense for style. I spend a lot of my time making jewelry, deciding what to wear, reading magazines and books, and in the evenings, I like to relax with a cup of awesome and spend hours on Pinterest, getting ideas for what to make and what to look for the next time I’m out thrifting.

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. -Einstein




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