All The Rage – Floral.

Am I imagining the explosion of floral patterns that has managed to creep into style? I hope not. I think that floral patterns and designs can be easily dressed up or dressed down. Now that school’s out, and I see more and more people outside of the classroom, it’s obvious that florals are in.

Floral prints, because they normally have a variety of colors in them, make it easy to collaborate a quick and easy outfit while not overpowering the wearer. Most people wear them with colored/denim jeans, capris, or shorts. It looks sophisticated and clean, but also busy. I always tuck my floral shirts in with a belt to draw more attention to my waist line and give me a definite shape! I really like this shirt here tucked in, although I’m not crazy about the bubblegum pink crop shorts.

For others, they like the more dressy side of flowers and end up pairing their blouse with a high waisted pencil skirt, or better yet, a maxi skirt. StylePantry definitely knows what they’re doing here. She looks absolutely gorgeous, and not only is the shirt perfect, but the purse, yellow tanned leather, is a great accent!

Then there’s the overdo-ers, which I have to admit, I am one of. Floral pants are incredibly busy, so you have to be careful what you wear it with (But they make your legs look mega long and I’m always looking for ways to make my long legs look longer!). I love Giraffelegs, and when she posted this earlier in April, I knew I wasn’t alone. Here she’s sporting a fantastic looking pair of floral capris with just a black quarter length sleeve. They add just the perfect texture to an outfit!

Floral dresses. They’re easy, dressy, casual, fun, and colorful. You can just slip it on, and with a dash of bright lipstick and comfortable flats, you’re already looking at a great day! ModCloth has a million and ten floral dresses and almost all of them I would order if I wasn’t so broke-ish. This one especially caught my eye. You expect it to be just a floral dress. Nothing too exciting. The neckline did it for me. It’s sweetly twisted-looking and the slits up both arms add a boldness factor that’s just simply cute.

All in all, florals are worth the time and money. They’re a great summer, spring, winter, and fall piece. Go floral! (:


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