What I Made – Burnt Orange Drops

Eeep. I needed something to post. I made these a few weeks ago but I never got around to wearing them until yesterday when I went to volunteer at a nursing home where my mom works! The nursing home is affiliated with the sisters of saint joseph, so a large majority of the residents are nuns. Let me tell you, they are far from being holy. Anyway, one of the sisters, Sister Maria Joseph, went absolutely nuts about these earrings so I just decided to post about them since I’m stuck babysitting again and I can’t get to my craft table or my camera. ):

So the earrings. yes. I used Findings earring hooks, earring posts, and jump rings in bronze. The beads were off of a necklace I bought at a garage sale. They are marbled burnt orange and dark brown synthetic rounds. I didn’t expect to like these beads so much because normally I don’t like the way plastic beads look and feel. These were different for some reason!  Let me know how you like them!


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