What I Made – Gold Layered Necklace

Today I spent some time in the workshop with my dad today and I made a couple of pieces that turned out amazing. With a little help from Pop and his new drilling equipment, this necklace was one of the pieces. This was not really supposed to happen honestly. I was planning on making the rectangle boxes into earrings, but after I told my father where to drill, I foolishly told him the wrong side on which to drill so the earrings would have turned out quite lopsided. But it’s okay since I like them better this way.

I used Findings earrings posts and jump rings in gold. The chain is a twisted link chain I got at a garage sale this morning! The chain in between the gold squares are actually small hexagonal beads linked together that I used off of a bracelet. Last but not least, the boxes are from a belt I picked up at the thrift store. They are the little thingy ma-jigs on same side of the belt as the buckle where you tuck the extra belt into! Crafty… right?


2 thoughts on “What I Made – Gold Layered Necklace

  1. Great job! Aren’t garage sales the best for getting chains and findings? Saves me quite a bit of money than buying new! :)

    • I know! Today was our town wide garage sale day so on almost every street there was at least one garage sale! I bought so much stuff I didn’t need, but of course some day I’ll need it. I’m so excited to work with some of the old jewelry I got!

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