What I Made – Turn Over A New Leaf Earrings

So a few days ago my pop brought home a hideous candle holder for eight candles that he found at one of the houses he is renovating. It was a bronze-green color and it had these green leaves woven all over it. I took the wire cutters to it and got ten decent looking leaves like these!

I used Findings jump rings and earring hooks in bronze. Like I said before, the aluminum leaves are from the candle holder. (:


4 thoughts on “What I Made – Turn Over A New Leaf Earrings

  1. Too funny! I do the same thing with my crafts and jewelry. Nothing is safe from being taken apart and used for something else. They turned out pretty cool!
    You had me inspired when you posted the bronze/orange earrings, and I went to make something, couldn’t find my bronze chains anywhere! Maybe I used them for something else and forgot! LOL!
    Great job, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. They look awesome, you must have so many pairs of earrings by now! Do they do different metals for the jump rings and earring hooks? I found out recently, quite painfully, that I can only wear sterling silver :/

    • I do have quite a lot. My next long term project is actually an earring holder, so I’m excited to see how that will turn out. But yes, at a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, (where I do most of my shopping) you should be able to get sterling silver everything!

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