All The Rage – Chevron

I love chevron. It has such a look to it that draws enough attention to the wearer as to pull them out from a crowd. Recently I’ve noticed that more and more chevron styled things are coming back into style. It’s a bold pattern but can be very attractive if worn the right way!

If one looks in just the right store, you’re bound to find chevron patterned something in there, whether it be a skirt, blouse, or shoes. Even on Pinterest, chevron is everywhere: walls, DIY projects, dishes, and decorative pieces. I’ve been babysitting a lot lately, which converts to lots of time surfing the web. I found some of my favorite clothing pieces and wanted to share these!

– Chevron Skirt – Just a simple black, high waisted, pencil skirt with three, white, upward stripes. It’s classy, business-like, and practical, just how clothes should be.

– Chevron Earrings – Gold post earrings with melon, black, and turquoise chevron downward stripes

– Chevron Dress – Adorable spring/summer thin strap dress with chevron stripes in burnt orange, yellow orange, navy, black, and gray blue.

– Chevron Romper – (my favorite!) A wide knit with three-quarter length sleeves. The back has a V cut with a zipper. The chevron stripes are in bright orange, mustard yellow, ivory. dark brown, and gray blue.

Chevron. Chevron. Chevron. <3




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