Top Ten – Nautical: The Seafaring Style

Just got home. I felt obliged after spending two days basking on a raft in the middle of a huge lake in this triple digit weather to post about nautical style. Although I’m tired and very out of it, and very very tan by the way, I needed to finish this before I sleep for several hours. (:

1- Skipping and Scalloping Shorts – The high waist on these would be the focal point of any outfit. The lines of buttons on either side draw attention to your legs to make they appear to be longer.

2 – Mapping Our Future Cufflinks – Dear Perfect Man, You should own a pair of these. Not very showy, but when noticed, people will see you with a new light.

3 – Navy, Red, and White Striped Blouse – This would be perfect with a pair of white capris or even just jeans. I would match it with red shoes or earrings!

4 – Ahoy! Deck Shoes – Now I’m not talking about the Sperry’s with the little fabric patterns or the glitter or feathers or whatever crap they decided to glue to them now. I’m talking legitimate deck shoes that are just solid leather. Those are to die for.

5 – The Fourth Blazer – It’s so classy. I love the embellishment on the pocket and the two button front looks very professional. I would wear it with navy Bermuda shorts and a simple brown belt.

6 – Sea Me Sailing Necklace – Bronze is in. It’s so in. When that and a cute caravel are matched, it’s perfect harmony around your neck.

7 – Cuffed Denim Jeans – With any pair of jeans or capris, just one tuck over, about one to two inches, looks very relaxed and comfortable but draws the attention to you. Make sure you wear cute shoes!

8 – Anchors Away Ring – Could be a great statement piece with just about anything. Very showy and really cute.

9 – Is the Captain Aboard Earrings – These are perfect for a day out matched with a dark navy blouse and capris. Wear them with your hair up and peachy make up.

10 – I’ve Never Been There Before Belt – This belt would be adorable with a light blue blouse and dark denim capris.

Other nautical favorites? Share below! – Hannah


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