Top Ten – Peachy Perfect

Yesterday, I went on a little bit of a shopping spree at the mall with my sisters. We stopped in Forever 21 which is basically my weakness. I was not all that impressed with their pieces for now, but I did purchase a nude blazer with navy and white pin stripes lining. It has two front pockets and a simple single button. I paid a little more for it than I want to, but I went next door in a similar store and found the same blazer for a hundred and twenty dollars on sale. I was happy I got it for the price I did.

1 – Naked Lip MAC Lipstick – I wear matte nude lipstick with a clear gloss on top. It balances out with my eye make up: gold eyeshadow and dark brown mascara on my outer eyelashes on upper and lower lashes. When you wear a bold makeup elsewhere, wear a plain lip.

2 – What Goes Around Comes Around Wrap Bracelet – This is a simple piece. The gold flat studs draw just enough attention to it to flash it around and get a few eyes trailing.

3 – In Flight Blush Scarf – With little birds swooping around on the fabric, this scarf would be a cute match with a navy blouse on a warm fall day, or a chilly spring one.

4 – Beige BECCA Eyeshadow Compact – Especially in the summer, less makeup is more. Go light on the eyeshadows with skin and blush tones.

5 – Plain and Simple Flushed Blazer – This piece is very versatile. It’s definitely a good purchase. You can match it with a cute graphic tee, breezy blouse, skirt, short or long legged romper, or a maxi or adorable mini dress.

6 – Petal Along Pastel Studs – These are to die for. The precious pearls in the center give it a very cute look while staying sophisticated and posh looking.

7 – Revlon Peachy Pop – I love peach/tan nail polish. When you’re struggling to look tan during the summer (especially since we know that spray tan and tanning salons are extremely bad for you) wearing a light color can make you appear to have a darker skin tone.

8 – I Wear My Sunglasses In Tan – They’re practical and stylish. The shape of them is very sleek and can give your face that extra flash with some light pink lip stick.

9 – Gold Embossed Cuff – This is a great conversation started. It’s a little different from most jewelry and the peach and gold contrast isn’t bold, but the design and cut is.

10 – Click Once Buckle Twice – The double buckle and center strap on these are quite showy but the simple heel and round toe balance it out for a perfectly cute look.


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