Top Ten – Fall 2012

I know I’m posting this early, but band camp for this summer is starting in a few weeks and school registration is right before that. I’m getting so anxious for school to start. I miss seeing my friends everyday and stressing about exams. I already want to visit Target to get cute binders for this year. :O

So I collaborated this to keep me sane for a while. After a while of looking at future fall fashion and trends the past few years, this is what I have collaborated to be in style this fall.

1 – Shin Length Skirts – I’m sorry. There is absolutely nothing attractive about a a mini skirt, or booty shorts. This is extremely classy. I just bought this skirt in navy at a vintage clothing store in STL. woohoo. I’m already starting my autumn wardrobe.

2 – Brown Mascara – Black is out. Whoever said black was in was out of the loop. I don’t know about everyone else, but many people in my town wear black mascara and a tad too much of it. Brown is more of a toned color and while it gives pop, it doesn’t look unnatural and clumpy like black can get. I bought Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara in brown.

3 – Natural Eyeshadow Shades – I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this once or twice in previous blogs. Dark shadows and colors are out. I bought a Color Focus compact with shades: Filigree – Green Tourmaline – Vue – Positive. I also purchased a Color Design compact with shades: Honeymoon (sheen) – Bikini Golden (shimmer) – Dill (shimmer) – Guest List (shimmer).

4 – Combat Boots – These were shown last fall. I think they’re good for another season for the fact that they are versatile and can be worn with denims, skirts, shorts, or dresses. I purchased a pair at Macy’s in STL on sale in army green.

5 – Dark Denim – Light denim is fading both figuratively and literally. Dark denim is dressier and it makes it easy to dress up while looking casual. I have a pair of Arizona Boyfriend Jeans in dark.

6 – Heavy Scarves – I know you probably think I’m crazy. It’s in the triple digits and I’m talking about scarves. I promise they’ll be in. They look so sweet with a cardigan or a long sleeved t shirt. I have one from my auntie that is kelly green, lavender, and cream.

7 – Brown Belts – Ditch the black, the patterned, the fabric, the metal. It’s practical and cute and can be worn in more places than around your waist. I like wearing my Old Navy  brown leather belted around my waste with a dress and cardigan.

8 – Blue Blouses – For some reason, although you probably wouldn’t think it, blue blouses being worn with dark denim seems to be trendy. I love the light chambray look, but I also adore blue and white stripes. I bought a J.Crew ruffled pale blue and white blouse a few weeks ago. I prefer Ralph Lauren for my blue blouses though. I have one of his in a dark blue with small white pin stripes.

9 – Men’s Leather Tassle Loafers – I had a pair of these last year and honestly I wore them so much you couldn’t pay me to get rid of them. Unfortunately the soles got so worn down they broke so I was forced to strand them. I’m definitely looking for another pair this year although all of my friends will hate me for it. They call them my old man shoes. I’ve glanced through several magazines and women’s shoes like these are becoming more popular for fall! Yay me!

10 – Gold Studs – Flowers. Birds. Balls. Stars. Gold studs are just in. They’re practical and can be worn for everyday but still look upscale. I just bought a set of gold stud mismatched earrings at Claire’s (shame on me). They have mismatched umbrellas, roses, teacups, studs,  butterflies, ladybugs, buttons and other cutesy little baubles.


Tell me a little something about what you think!

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