DIY – Newspaper Nails

Monday’s right around the corner! Keep posted for some wicked projects and possibly a few more DIY’s. :) I’m cleaning up the house today, talking to my bud Blake, and taking my crafty entrees to the fair grounds! I wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday and so I decided to work on a nail project.

I’ve seen WAY too many versions of this. Not all of them work, and I’ll have to admit, some of the ways they do this I’m a little skeptic of. I’ve tried everything from water to cutting out the newspaper and actually gluing it on my nail. This is the way that’s worked best for me with a few adjustments of my own.

Step 1 – Gather the materials! :) I needed…

isopropyl alcohol.


 Non-waxy newspaper. ( next time I plan on doing comics and crossword pieces! )

a light nail shade of nail polish. I used Sinful Colors in 101 Snow Me White.

And a clear coat. I used Sinful Colors in 1064 Clear Coat.

Step 2 – Remove any previous nail polishes from your nails. Clip, file, and remove cuticles. Wash your hands throughly with really hot water and dishwashing soap. This gets rid of oils and dirty residue in your cuticles and on your nails. Nail polish lasts longer on clean nails! :)

3 – I would suggest starting with a base coat, but since it’s not a dark color, I didn’t worry about it staining my nails. Paint two/three coats of the light nail polish on your nails. Let dry.

4 – Pour the alcohol into a small bowl/dish. Just enough to submerge your nail in.

5 – Cut/tear fifteen approx. 1 inch x 1 inch squares of newspaper.


6 – Put one finger in the dish of alcohol for about five – ten seconds. Make sure the nail is covered.

7 – Place a square of newspaper on the nail and press down. The longer you press down, the darker and more clear the words look. If you want a vintage faded look, hold it down for twenty seconds and don’t apply even pressure. For a dark nail, I held some down for as long as a minute.

8 – Peel the newspaper print off. The ink should have transferred. If it didn’t  transfer at the right angle/not dark enough/too dark/smudged/smeared you can gently wipe the ink off with a wet wash cloth and start over on the nail. DO NOT PUT THE CLEAR COAT ON YET.

9 – Repeat on each nail and once all of them are completed, wait approx. three minutes. I would recommend sitting still. The less you have a chance to smear them the better.

10 – Apply a layer of clear coat on each of the nails. There will still probably be a few letters that smear from the clear coat. It will happen every time. I suggest not trying to redo it. Let dry.

YOU’RE DONE! :) Mine turned out like…

Try it out! Let me know how it works! – Hannah <3

P.S. – I totally suggest you use some strong moisturizer after the clear coat dries. The alcohol can really dish out a beating on your skin.


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