What We Made – Reverse Silhouette Tees

I’d love to introduce to you two crafters: Malone and Alexis! Today was an absolute blast. We made some really neat stuff I’ll be posting soon. I also got into some new tunes. Check THIS out. BAM. This project was the one I was most anxious to share with you. I love the way they turned out.

I originally got the idea from an Etsy project a saw a while ago and bookmarked for later. They did theirs with bleach spray on a dark shirt. I personally think ours looked a bit better than theirs.

We used standard white Jerzees brand V necks from Michael’s, fabric spray paint in silver and black, clear contact paper, a large sheet of cardboard, scissors, and cookie sheets.

Malone used an elephant. Since she used the silver, she had to use more for it to be visible which caused a little bleeding. She’s planning on clearing that up with a bleach stick. ( sorry for the bad picture. :( )

Alexis used a whale cut out. She did some individual little water droplets which turned out really neat!

I did a Sherlock Holmes silhouette with his pipe and famous hat. I had an issue with the little cut outs of the tie on the top of his hat but they turned out fine!

Overall, they turned out fantastic! Let me tell you, it’s a thrilling feeling when you peel off the contact paper to see this amazing tee. – Hannah! <3

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One thought on “What We Made – Reverse Silhouette Tees

  1. AWWW nice i would use a cat …LOL =^_^= ….. i’m no good at things like that tho mine would bleed everywhere xox

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