What We Made – Buttons Rings

When we (Alexis and Malone included) decided we wanted to make these button rings, I was prepared for them to look mediocre, definitely not expecting much.

We used ring bases in a few different sizes from Michael’s, hot glue (we should have used an epoxy mix), and buttons.

For her rings (top right), Alexis used an actual pin button for one (middle finger). It says the colorist.

Malone (left) stuck to all buttons and went for more showy, larger rings. Her pointer and pinky finger were off of cufflinks.

I added a little twist to a few of mine (bottom). My pointer and ring finger have the matching ends of the cufflinks that Malone used! On the middle finger, I used a 50 cent euro and on my pinky, I used a Canadian coin.

What do you think? I can’t wait to wear them out! – Hannah! <3


6 thoughts on “What We Made – Buttons Rings

    • Thanks! And they were fairly inexpensive to make! I had the buttons and glue on hand. All I had to buy were the ring bases and those were about two dollars for three of them!

    • Oh thank you! I thought the exact same thing. I was honestly skeptic when I put all of them on for the picture. Now I just want to make more for the other hand!

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