What We Made – Watermark Tees

WOAH. I only have a month left of summer. I got a postcard from my Deutsch teacher! :) She just retired and returned to Germany! She wrote it in Deutsch and after racking my brains of my rusty German, I realized I should probably study some of my subjects before school starts.

I made these shirts with Malone and Alexis on Monday and I just got around to dyeing them yesterday. They turned out really well! I used this post on U Create from Sweet Verbana step by step, except for the fact that we used regular white elmer’s glue and we didn’t wet the shirts first.

excuse the frizzy hair and my sister’s reflection.


Malone’s tee. Lyrics from Mumford and Sons’ Timshel

Alexis’ tee. Lyrics from Stepdad’s Must Land Running.

My tee. Lyrics from Mumford and Son’ Winter Winds.

Let me know what you think! <3


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