I Promise I Haven’t Forgottten About You!

I really haven’t. My computer has been in the shop getting some updates and odds and ends fixed and tweaked and they just finished workinh on her today. I have no idea why it took them almost two weeks but it did. Although I have been able to get on the desktop, all my photos, work, writing, and formatting stuff is on Mary Mac (hahahh because my laptop is a Mac. thats what i call her).

And now I’m babysitting so I’ll have to take some photos tonight and upload a few. Unfortunately, school is starting in about two weeks and since passing chemistry is a little higher of priority (of course I’d rather be doing this), I have a feeling I will be posting very infrequently which I apologize for in advance.

Anyway, just giving you an update about what’s up and letting you know that I have some pretty cool stuff I want to post about real soon because I’m so excited I might just tell you all now. or not because then it won’t be as exciting.

Toodle Doo! –  Hannah Jane


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