The Inspiring Blog Award!

Wowzers! Thank you Sara Ann at Act Like A Lady, Eat Like A Man. I come back from a long blog break to find this in my inbox! It definitely turned my day around, seeing as it started with a trip to the dentist. bleh.


Seven Things About Me!

1. For as much as I complain about it, I enjoy band.

2. Although I don’t always get around to it, I try to read the newspaper everyday.

3. John Hughes films are my weakness.

4. Monday. Monday. I hate that day.

5. I’m actually excited for school to be starting in two weeks.

6. My cat’s name is Crybaby. If he were a human he’d be a mobster.

7. I’m wearing pink underwear.

Now To The Nominations!

1. Lace & Lacquer

2. Trendy State Of Mind

3. The CHICago Life

4. Those Vintage Thoughts

5. Polaroids on Sidewalks

6. Cerulean Skies

Again thank you thank you thank you everyone! <3 – Hannah


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