After A Year Sabbatical, I’m Back!

Woah. It’s been almost 12 months since I last updated this. Time to brush off some of the dust and revamp this whole blog!

As for an update, in the past year:

  • I’ve passed sophomore year of high school with a lovely 4.1.
  • I turned 16 on February 19th and got a Jeep!
  • I went to Florida and marched with my band on Main Street USA!
  • I traveled to the wonderful world that is the UK and enjoyed Ireland, Scotland, and England.
  • I had a fantastic track season.
  • I moved!
  • My kitty passed away. :(
  • I bought myself a Canon Powershot Sx500 IS.

That’s pretty much everything major. But I’m ready to tackle blogging, school, band, homework, family, and a social life! :)

IMG_4060 IMG_4058 IMG_4057

I’ll be uploading some fun new jewelry soon enough! For now, enjoy my super cute photo session in a super cute outfit taken by my amazing sister, Michaela!

My black, a-line skirt is a Mossimo – $5 on sale at Target. The blouse is a gray and white v-neck, also from Mossimo at Target, although I bought it for full price, $10. My shoes, you can find in an older post here. My fantastic orange cat sunglasses were on sale at Earthbound Trading Co. buy one get one free. Two pairs of sunglasses for 5 bucks! What a steal!

Tell me about your summer adventures and what lays ahead in your fall plans!

Remember to share with friends and family! <3

xoxo hannah


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