What We Made – Buttons Rings

When we (Alexis and Malone included) decided we wanted to make these button rings, I was prepared for them to look mediocre, definitely not expecting much.

We used ring bases in a few different sizes from Michael’s, hot glue (we should have used an epoxy mix), and buttons.

For her rings (top right), Alexis used an actual pin button for one (middle finger). It says the colorist.

Malone (left) stuck to all buttons and went for more showy, larger rings. Her pointer and pinky finger were off of cufflinks.

I added a little twist to a few of mine (bottom). My pointer and ring finger have the matching ends of the cufflinks that Malone used! On the middle finger, I used a 50 cent euro and on my pinky, I used a Canadian coin.

What do you think? I can’t wait to wear them out! – Hannah! <3


What We Made – Reverse Silhouette Tees

I’d love to introduce to you two crafters: Malone and Alexis! Today was an absolute blast. We made some really neat stuff I’ll be posting soon. I also got into some new tunes. Check THIS out. BAM. This project was the one I was most anxious to share with you. I love the way they turned out.

I originally got the idea from an Etsy project a saw a while ago and bookmarked for later. They did theirs with bleach spray on a dark shirt. I personally think ours looked a bit better than theirs.

We used standard white Jerzees brand V necks from Michael’s, fabric spray paint in silver and black, clear contact paper, a large sheet of cardboard, scissors, and cookie sheets.

Malone used an elephant. Since she used the silver, she had to use more for it to be visible which caused a little bleeding. She’s planning on clearing that up with a bleach stick. ( sorry for the bad picture. :( )

Alexis used a whale cut out. She did some individual little water droplets which turned out really neat!

I did a Sherlock Holmes silhouette with his pipe and famous hat. I had an issue with the little cut outs of the tie on the top of his hat but they turned out fine!

Overall, they turned out fantastic! Let me tell you, it’s a thrilling feeling when you peel off the contact paper to see this amazing tee. – Hannah! <3

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DIY – Newspaper Nails

Monday’s right around the corner! Keep posted for some wicked projects and possibly a few more DIY’s. :) I’m cleaning up the house today, talking to my bud Blake, and taking my crafty entrees to the fair grounds! I wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday and so I decided to work on a nail project.

I’ve seen WAY too many versions of this. Not all of them work, and I’ll have to admit, some of the ways they do this I’m a little skeptic of. I’ve tried everything from water to cutting out the newspaper and actually gluing it on my nail. This is the way that’s worked best for me with a few adjustments of my own.

Step 1 – Gather the materials! :) I needed…

isopropyl alcohol.


 Non-waxy newspaper. ( next time I plan on doing comics and crossword pieces! )

a light nail shade of nail polish. I used Sinful Colors in 101 Snow Me White.

And a clear coat. I used Sinful Colors in 1064 Clear Coat.

Step 2 – Remove any previous nail polishes from your nails. Clip, file, and remove cuticles. Wash your hands throughly with really hot water and dishwashing soap. This gets rid of oils and dirty residue in your cuticles and on your nails. Nail polish lasts longer on clean nails! :)

3 – I would suggest starting with a base coat, but since it’s not a dark color, I didn’t worry about it staining my nails. Paint two/three coats of the light nail polish on your nails. Let dry.

4 – Pour the alcohol into a small bowl/dish. Just enough to submerge your nail in.

5 – Cut/tear fifteen approx. 1 inch x 1 inch squares of newspaper.


6 – Put one finger in the dish of alcohol for about five – ten seconds. Make sure the nail is covered.

7 – Place a square of newspaper on the nail and press down. The longer you press down, the darker and more clear the words look. If you want a vintage faded look, hold it down for twenty seconds and don’t apply even pressure. For a dark nail, I held some down for as long as a minute.

8 – Peel the newspaper print off. The ink should have transferred. If it didn’t  transfer at the right angle/not dark enough/too dark/smudged/smeared you can gently wipe the ink off with a wet wash cloth and start over on the nail. DO NOT PUT THE CLEAR COAT ON YET.

9 – Repeat on each nail and once all of them are completed, wait approx. three minutes. I would recommend sitting still. The less you have a chance to smear them the better.

10 – Apply a layer of clear coat on each of the nails. There will still probably be a few letters that smear from the clear coat. It will happen every time. I suggest not trying to redo it. Let dry.

YOU’RE DONE! :) Mine turned out like…

Try it out! Let me know how it works! – Hannah <3

P.S. – I totally suggest you use some strong moisturizer after the clear coat dries. The alcohol can really dish out a beating on your skin.

What I Made – Gold Linked Bracelet

My friends threw me a surprise birthday party! (even though my birthday is in February!) We were up WAY late and my bud Alec and I had to get up super early for band today! o: I got home and collapsed with my cat for two hours, ate a BLT, and now I’m painting my nails.

Yeah sorry in advance. This is another older piece.

The whole bracelet is made out of a belt. There was a snake skin strip woven in and out of the links, so I pulled that out. I got the belt from my friend. I just bent one of the connecters over and that made a handy matching clasp!

Sorry for the terrible post. I promise once Monday rolls around I’ll have some good stuff to show you. – Hannah <3

“Alone in the wind and the rain you left me. It’s getting dark darling, too dark to see and I’m on my knees. Your faith in shreds it seems…” – Mumford and Sons

What I Made – Bohemian Bracelet

Never have wanted to craft so badly but alas, I am indeed stranded, stuck babysitting again today. Good thing I made a Mumford and Sons playlist last night with their first album and loads of their singles.

I don’t normally like making beaded bracelets. I feel like they don’t have as much character as earrings or a necklace. This one was definitely different. It has this boho vibe that I’m totally crushing on right now.

IN CRAFTY NEWS: I FINALLY hung up my earring holder. I totally forgot about it for a while and I just got around to taking pictures last night so I’ll upload those soon. THE CRAFTING date is set. Monday I’m getting together with some friends to make some incredible projects! Keep up with my posts to see all of them!

WHAT WAS USED: Beadalon beading wire (not sure of the gauge :( ) is from Michael’s as well as the crimping beads and jump ring. The beads are from assorted places and the clasp was from a bracelet I thrifted a while back for a dollar. The most exciting part of this piece (for me anyway) was the feather. I honestly have no clue where I got it. It would make my whole life if I could find where it came from and buy ten more. I love feathers.

As a plus, I was overjoyed by how well this picture turned out. It just looks better than I had expected. – Hannah <3

“As the winter winds litter London with lonely heart, the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms…” – Mumford and Sons

What I Made – Cute As A Button Necklace

I went to Michael’s today. I wasn’t really impressed with their beads this time and unfortunately didn’t get any jewelry making materials (I got other stuff though!) so this is another older piece.

TOTALLY AWESOME NEWS: In the near future I’m getting together with some of my crafty friends (Alexis and Malone!) to work on a few projects! Never fear! I will be taking pictures. loads.

In this project, I used a thrifted chain ( two dollars ) and Findings jump rings in silver from Michael’s. The buttons are all from my own collection from garage sales, coats, blouses, thrift stores, etc.


Guys! My creativity outlet is fried! I need some help. Comment some ideas/pictures/DIY’s you would like me to try on my about me page so I can get back on my feet! – Hannah <3

“And if I were a king: if I had everything: If I had you and I could give you your dreams: If I were giant-sized, on top of it all then tell me what in the world would I go on for: if I had it all…” – Dave Matthews Band

What I Made – Margarita Pizza

Oh my. This is a little change of pace to be posting, but I figured a little something different couldn’t hurt. So tonight I made this pizza for dinner. I was really excited when I made it and it looked so wonderful that I had to take some pictures. Shame. I should have used instagram.

Anyway, I used a ten inch pizza crust from Schneider’s, Mario’s extra virgin olive oil, shredded mozzarella, block mozzarella, garlic salt, sea salt, and garden fresh (grown by me! woot!) tomatoes and basil.

God. It was totally worth the fifteen minutes waiting for it in the oven. and yes. the cutting board has the zodiac signs on it.  – Hannah <3


What I Made – Buckled Bracelet

Exhausted. I couldn’t sleep last night. The party was fun though. Totally worth not sleeping. I got this new nail polish color. It’s Revlon 932: Copper Penny. I love it. Check it out. It really looks like a penny.

This was from a while ago. I apologize for posting old things. I need to go to Michael’s and get some new materials in such a horrid way.

The whole bracelet is upcycled from an old purse strap with a buckle. The snap clasp is from Michael’s.

Let me know what you think! – Hannah

– – –

“Chivalry is not dead.” “No, chivalry is just sitting on it’s fat ass.” – Murder Your Darlings – J. J. Murphy

What I Made – Stranded Pearls

My mum has cut off out internet connection. So here I sit trying to finish this real quick while she checks her email and before she cuts the web off again. I’m going to a pool party today for our German exchange student. I’ll probably take a few pictures.

I made this a while back but never got around to posting about it. I adore how I used the different kinds of chain. It added some zest and flavor to the classic pearl necklace.

The pearls are from a pair of Banana Republic earrings that were WAY too heavy for my ears. The chains are collectively from thrift stores, antique malls, garage sales, and some from my own chains.

Sorry for such a sucky post. This was probably the only post that hasn’t taken me at least a half an hour to compose. Literally three minutes.

Let me know what you guys think! <3 – Hannah

Top Ten – Fall 2012

I know I’m posting this early, but band camp for this summer is starting in a few weeks and school registration is right before that. I’m getting so anxious for school to start. I miss seeing my friends everyday and stressing about exams. I already want to visit Target to get cute binders for this year. :O

So I collaborated this to keep me sane for a while. After a while of looking at future fall fashion and trends the past few years, this is what I have collaborated to be in style this fall.

1 – Shin Length Skirts – I’m sorry. There is absolutely nothing attractive about a a mini skirt, or booty shorts. This is extremely classy. I just bought this skirt in navy at a vintage clothing store in STL. woohoo. I’m already starting my autumn wardrobe.

2 – Brown Mascara – Black is out. Whoever said black was in was out of the loop. I don’t know about everyone else, but many people in my town wear black mascara and a tad too much of it. Brown is more of a toned color and while it gives pop, it doesn’t look unnatural and clumpy like black can get. I bought Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara in brown.

3 – Natural Eyeshadow Shades – I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this once or twice in previous blogs. Dark shadows and colors are out. I bought a Color Focus compact with shades: Filigree – Green Tourmaline – Vue – Positive. I also purchased a Color Design compact with shades: Honeymoon (sheen) – Bikini Golden (shimmer) – Dill (shimmer) – Guest List (shimmer).

4 – Combat Boots – These were shown last fall. I think they’re good for another season for the fact that they are versatile and can be worn with denims, skirts, shorts, or dresses. I purchased a pair at Macy’s in STL on sale in army green.

5 – Dark Denim – Light denim is fading both figuratively and literally. Dark denim is dressier and it makes it easy to dress up while looking casual. I have a pair of Arizona Boyfriend Jeans in dark.

6 – Heavy Scarves – I know you probably think I’m crazy. It’s in the triple digits and I’m talking about scarves. I promise they’ll be in. They look so sweet with a cardigan or a long sleeved t shirt. I have one from my auntie that is kelly green, lavender, and cream.

7 – Brown Belts – Ditch the black, the patterned, the fabric, the metal. It’s practical and cute and can be worn in more places than around your waist. I like wearing my Old Navy  brown leather belted around my waste with a dress and cardigan.

8 – Blue Blouses – For some reason, although you probably wouldn’t think it, blue blouses being worn with dark denim seems to be trendy. I love the light chambray look, but I also adore blue and white stripes. I bought a J.Crew ruffled pale blue and white blouse a few weeks ago. I prefer Ralph Lauren for my blue blouses though. I have one of his in a dark blue with small white pin stripes.

9 – Men’s Leather Tassle Loafers – I had a pair of these last year and honestly I wore them so much you couldn’t pay me to get rid of them. Unfortunately the soles got so worn down they broke so I was forced to strand them. I’m definitely looking for another pair this year although all of my friends will hate me for it. They call them my old man shoes. I’ve glanced through several magazines and women’s shoes like these are becoming more popular for fall! Yay me!

10 – Gold Studs – Flowers. Birds. Balls. Stars. Gold studs are just in. They’re practical and can be worn for everyday but still look upscale. I just bought a set of gold stud mismatched earrings at Claire’s (shame on me). They have mismatched umbrellas, roses, teacups, studs,  butterflies, ladybugs, buttons and other cutesy little baubles.