After A Year Sabbatical, I’m Back!

Woah. It’s been almost 12 months since I last updated this. Time to brush off some of the dust and revamp this whole blog!

As for an update, in the past year:

  • I’ve passed sophomore year of high school with a lovely 4.1.
  • I turned 16 on February 19th and got a Jeep!
  • I went to Florida and marched with my band on Main Street USA!
  • I traveled to the wonderful world that is the UK and enjoyed Ireland, Scotland, and England.
  • I had a fantastic track season.
  • I moved!
  • My kitty passed away. :(
  • I bought myself a Canon Powershot Sx500 IS.

That’s pretty much everything major. But I’m ready to tackle blogging, school, band, homework, family, and a social life! :)

IMG_4060 IMG_4058 IMG_4057

I’ll be uploading some fun new jewelry soon enough! For now, enjoy my super cute photo session in a super cute outfit taken by my amazing sister, Michaela!

My black, a-line skirt is a Mossimo – $5 on sale at Target. The blouse is a gray and white v-neck, also from Mossimo at Target, although I bought it for full price, $10. My shoes, you can find in an older post here. My fantastic orange cat sunglasses were on sale at Earthbound Trading Co. buy one get one free. Two pairs of sunglasses for 5 bucks! What a steal!

Tell me about your summer adventures and what lays ahead in your fall plans!

Remember to share with friends and family! <3

xoxo hannah

What I Made – I’m So Shellous Earrings.

DEAR GOD. SCHOOL STARTS IN A WEEK. im running around buying binders, jeans, shoes, pencils, and books. also a ton of my family is in town so ive been busy. sorry. no excuses.

asijioawf; iawefk jasdflkjOIWIREager. I really like these. Too bad it’s almost fall and I won’t be able to wear them for a while. :/

The earring hooks, jump rings, and pins are silver Findings from Michael’s. The top bead is from a garage sale bracelet for a dollar and the middle bead is from Michael’s. The shell at the bottom were from my cousin’s garage sale up in Alaska. :) I wanted to give them a seaglass kind of look.

What do you think!? :) – Hannah

The Inspiring Blog Award!

Wowzers! Thank you Sara Ann at Act Like A Lady, Eat Like A Man. I come back from a long blog break to find this in my inbox! It definitely turned my day around, seeing as it started with a trip to the dentist. bleh.


Seven Things About Me!

1. For as much as I complain about it, I enjoy band.

2. Although I don’t always get around to it, I try to read the newspaper everyday.

3. John Hughes films are my weakness.

4. Monday. Monday. I hate that day.

5. I’m actually excited for school to be starting in two weeks.

6. My cat’s name is Crybaby. If he were a human he’d be a mobster.

7. I’m wearing pink underwear.

Now To The Nominations!

1. Lace & Lacquer

2. Trendy State Of Mind

3. The CHICago Life

4. Those Vintage Thoughts

5. Polaroids on Sidewalks

6. Cerulean Skies

Again thank you thank you thank you everyone! <3 – Hannah

What I Made – Dog Tag Bracelet

Whew. Finally I got to you. I’m jamming out to Imagine Dragons and Flight Facilities. Counting my hours until band practice tonight. bleh.

My sister Michaela had these dog tags and I desperately wanted to work with them. (thanks michaela) So I did, obviously. The dog tags are from a thrift store (they were probably bought at a costume/craft store). I used some scraps of crafting wire laying around and some light brown cat gut, dark brown twine, and a thick leather cord.

I love love love it. :) What do you think? – Hannah <3

I Promise I Haven’t Forgottten About You!

I really haven’t. My computer has been in the shop getting some updates and odds and ends fixed and tweaked and they just finished workinh on her today. I have no idea why it took them almost two weeks but it did. Although I have been able to get on the desktop, all my photos, work, writing, and formatting stuff is on Mary Mac (hahahh because my laptop is a Mac. thats what i call her).

And now I’m babysitting so I’ll have to take some photos tonight and upload a few. Unfortunately, school is starting in about two weeks and since passing chemistry is a little higher of priority (of course I’d rather be doing this), I have a feeling I will be posting very infrequently which I apologize for in advance.

Anyway, just giving you an update about what’s up and letting you know that I have some pretty cool stuff I want to post about real soon because I’m so excited I might just tell you all now. or not because then it won’t be as exciting.

Toodle Doo! –  Hannah Jane

What We Made – Watermark Tees

WOAH. I only have a month left of summer. I got a postcard from my Deutsch teacher! :) She just retired and returned to Germany! She wrote it in Deutsch and after racking my brains of my rusty German, I realized I should probably study some of my subjects before school starts.

I made these shirts with Malone and Alexis on Monday and I just got around to dyeing them yesterday. They turned out really well! I used this post on U Create from Sweet Verbana step by step, except for the fact that we used regular white elmer’s glue and we didn’t wet the shirts first.

excuse the frizzy hair and my sister’s reflection.


Malone’s tee. Lyrics from Mumford and Sons’ Timshel

Alexis’ tee. Lyrics from Stepdad’s Must Land Running.

My tee. Lyrics from Mumford and Son’ Winter Winds.

Let me know what you think! <3

One Lovely Blog Award!

Holy cow. Never in my short fifteen years did I expect to get this. I was nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award from Magaleigh (definitely check out her blog!). Thank you so much! Crafting is fun all by itself, but when people can see it and appreciate what you’re up to, it’s a whole new experience!

And those seven things about me…

  1. James Bond movies will always be my favorite. At least the Sean Connery films.
  2. When I was younger, I wanted to be an archaeologist.
  3. Now I want to do something in the fashion world although it most likely won’t happen.
  4. Trying new things is the most exhilarating experience in the world.
  5. Nancy Drew is my idol.
  6. About seventy-five percent of my wardrobe is thrifted.
  7. I’m always jamming to Jack Johnson and The Dave Matthews Band.

And those five blog nominations…

  1. Style a la Mode
  2. His Fashion Blog
  3. M&J Blog
  4. Act Like a Lady, Eat Like a Man
  5. Turning Heads

Thanks again guys! – Hannah <3

What I Made – Pumpkin Patch Dress

I wanted to post another sewing project but I haven’t really gotten around to it. The other day when I was looking for something cute to wear to dinner, I pulled out this dress! Although I didn’t wear it, my camera was just dying to take a few pictures of it.

The fabric of this dress is really what got me started on it. I can’t recall what pattern I followed or even the brand of it. I’m assuming it was Simplicity but I do remember that it was from my aunts basement so it was probably decades old.

It has a drawstring neck and they tie in bows on the shoulders. The pockets on the sides are the perfect size  and I did a very large hem to make it lay right on my big thighs. :) I wear it with a long sleeved tee (dark brown or dark green) under it and a leather belt just my waist to give it more shape.

I love this. Let me know what you think and as always, check out the Facebook page! – Hannah <3

What I Made – Pulled Pearl Bracelet

Band camp is next week and with schedules from 8-12, 1-5, and 6-9, I have a feeling I won’t get around to posting too much. Maybe a couple here or there.

But besides that, I was super excited to get to post this today (thank god i had the camera last night). I fetched the idea from a little thing called Pinterest which lead me here which is one of the original DIY’s for this project! I loved how it looked (besides the black ribbon) and I’ve been seeing a lot of these around so I decided to give it a whirl.

I used some green ribbon I bought at Wal Mart, pearls in all different sizes that I’ve collected, standard sewing floss and a needle.

I think if I were to do it again, I would want to use a dark red ribbon but the green is perfect for a spring piece. Tell me what you think! – Hannah <3

What I Made – Peach Earring Case

It’s done. Sorry it took me so long to post these. I finished painting it two weeks ago and hung it last week. I’m not too sure about the color but I really like the design I did and how it ended up looking, although it’s about ten pounds heavier than I thought it would be. (oops.)

It holds just over forty pairs of earrings, plus whatever I want to lay on the shelves. Let me know what you think! – Hannah! <3